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Taiw an Dicer TD-3B

Taiwan Large Vege...
Taiw an Dicer TD-3B
  • 產品名稱:Taiw an Dicer TD-3B
  • 外形尺寸:
  • 電壓:
  • 功率:
  • 轉速:
  • 容量:
  • 最大填充量:
  • 重量:

Machine model:Taiwan TD-3B large fruit and vegetable dicing machine
Machine size:1270 x 1735 x 1460mm
Shred size:4-20mm
Slice size:4-20mm
Dice size;4-20mm
Power Supply:380V three-phase 50Hz
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Warranty date
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Warranty coverage
The warranty does not include the following: improper use, negligence, artificial or accidental damage, overload, natural disasters, such as damage caused by improper 
preservation, normal consumption of accessories, such as blades, orifice plate, sealing ring, belt, switch or knob, unauthorized use of non original spare parts or accessories.
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When receiving the equipment fault you call, we will be the first time, please the equipment operators or on-site maintenance personnel and our engineers call: reflect and 
describe the problems, so that we understand the situation on the scene.
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